Current Work

Since 2015, the standing committee has identified actions and initiated some implementation in key areas, including:

  • Created an implementation plan for how the CTLT can support commitments laid out by the Provost in response to the IGBVAS Task Force Report
  • Multiple presentations to CTLT staff
  • Achieved representation from all CTLT teams within the working group
  • Strengthened strategic connection to the UBC Equity and Inclusion Office
  • Initiated connection to campus-wide initiatives such as the Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Mental Health and Wellbeing, and the Student Diversity Initiative (SDI)
  • Added equitable hiring to the CTLT Guide for Managers
  • Added Commitment to Diversity statement to the CTLT Orientation Guide
  • Supported the commitment to 10 per cent of all CTLT members having gone through the Positive Spaces campaign
  • Developing an internal learning/development plan for staff focused on equity and inclusion (e.g., learning opportunities, facilitated workshops, resources for managers, resources for hiring committees, etc.)
  • Collaborating with CTLT team members to develop and deliver capacity-building activities with staff
  • Identifying and actioning opportunities to add language to call outs such as SoTL Seed and TLEF
  • Implementing an annual call-out for ideas to CTLT teams for learning opportunities
  • Collaborating with new SDI embeds on strengthening diversity knowledge and content within CTLT
  • In consultation with internal HR and the SMT, creating best practice guidelines and resources to address workplace incidents
  • Researching and making connections to other departments on campus to build and maintain relationship and share resources