The CTLT Equity and Diversity StandingCommittee (EDSC) supports the development of equity and diversity knowledge and scholarship within the UBC teaching community.


The Task Force on Intersectional Gender-Based Violence and Aboriginal Stereotypes (IGBVAS) was struck by UBC President Stephen Toope in October 2013, in response to chants promoting rape culture and Aboriginal stereotypes that occurred during student-led Commerce Undergraduate Society FROSH in September 2013. The Task Force’s mandate was to develop a set of actionable recommendations that would result in transformative and robust changes to campus culture.

The IGBVAS Task Force report acknowledged that universities reflect the larger community, and as such, they are not immune to incidents of violence and discriminatory practices. However, in developing their recommendations, the Task Force stated that, “While we recognize the difficulties of addressing systemic violence, the Task Force believes that the UBC community can and should foster a strong culture of equality and accountability, which holds itself to a high standard, and supports a broader culture of equality in the community outside our campus.”

In response to the recommendations made by the IGBVAS, CTLT reiterated the commitment to contribute, through its programs and services, to UBC’s strategic goal of “providing a respectful environment, where diversity is valued, and where all our community members can achieve their full potential.” It is recognized that CTLT services and programs reach beyond the specific IGBVAS recommendations under the pillar of Education and Curriculum.

In 2015, CTLT formed an internal Equity and Diversity Working Group (EDWG) with a one year mandate that was later extended to 2 years. The role of the EDWG was to help action CTLT commitments to the UBC’s strategic goals on equity and diversity. The committee members liaised with CTLT’s program and service leads to integrate equity and diversity content into CTLT’s programs and services, as well as deepen understanding of equity and diversity internally.

Since 2015, the working group identified actions and initiated some implementation in key areas, including:

  • Created an implementation plan for how CTLT can support commitments laid out by Provost in response to the IGBVAS Task Force Report
  • Multiple presentations to CTLT staff. 
  • Achieved representation from all CTLT teams on within the working group.
  • Strengthened strategic connection to the UBC Equity and Inclusion Office.
  • Initiated connection to campus-wide initiatives such as the Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Student Diversity Initiative.
  • Added equitable hiring to the CTLT Guide for Managers.
  • Added Commitment to Diversity statement to the CTLT orientation guide.
  • Supported the commitment to 10% of all CTLT members having gone through the Positive Spaces campaign.

In 2017, the working group’s mandate was continued, and the group was transitioned to an ongoing CTLT standing committee.